The Artist Known as "ARCHER"

The Artist known as "ARCHER"  Born Paul Noel Archer December 25th, 1959 London England Firstborn on Christmas Day to Mother Mary Magdalene & Father, Paul Archer black and white photo.Reverend Norman Archer. His parents discovered he was a natural-born artist by the age of 3. When they would watch him and see his sketches from shows like Charlie Brown to Batman on the family T.V. In 1966, the Archer family moved to Canada. As a student, Paul participated in arts and crafts classes like all the other kids.  But sketching characters and themes from the family t.v. He is a fan of classical music Beethoven his all-time favorite. He continued to hone his skills as an artist and received good grades. Archers' top three artists still to date are Salvador Dali, Michaelangelo, Norman Rockwell, and Leonardo Davinci... 


The Artist Know As "ARCHER" Got his name in high school.

ARCHER could be found with a sketchbook under the arm.
He became to love Barbershop Quartets and joined a group with fellow students.
Paul began selling art and became fascinated by airbrushing.
He started airbrushing on tourists t-shirts (Fantasy T-Shirts Victoria, BC)

One day a man approached and asked if he had ever done a mural. He hired him to paint a nightclub.
Using a small air compressor and small airbrush, Archer achieved an 8 foot by 10 foot mural of the Spruce Goose airplane, overnight.
The Artist Known as "Archer" Felt his niche for large scale work was so much more gratifying than small t-shirt designs.
Forming a partnership called MAD Artists (Mural Airbrush Design) in Vancouver 1985.

They went onto paint large scale murals for large companies like.
Nike, McDonald's, MTV Music Awards, The Juno Awards, Huggies Diapers,
Vancouver Museum, Vancouver Planetarium, Vancouver Airport,
Vancouver Aquarium, BC Place, and General Motors Place. Now known as Rogers Arena.
Their murals were as small as 1 story to as large as 3 city blocks long. The largest 18 stories were high. 


Archer formed his own team and the company. "Guns & Hoses" In 1988

The large scale murals continued around Vancouver B.C. and the surrounding area.
Gaining notoriety fans would come and watch Archer and Gunz & Hoses as they painted the next big piece.
One fond memory was the mural on the side of The Hotel California done overnight. Amongst the many murals that were done.

ARCHER Gifts time and Portraits 

One way Archer gifts time and portraits is to the local legion in Langford B.C. on Remembrance Day.
His portraits of Veterans. Have brought tears to some eyes for there realism.
Archer is also known for his portraits of Famous Musicians and Actors.
Some famous musicians received gifted portraits from Archer and followed up with large backdrop projects.

List: Sting, David Lee Roth, and Van Halen, Sarah Mclachlan, Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, Jon Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee, Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Trailer Park Boys, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Dan Akyroyd, Cheech and Chong, SteveO (Jackass), Melissa Ethridge, Burton Cummings, Deep Purple's Ian Gillan, Gene Simmons, Metallica, George Thorogood, Dane Cook, Colin James and Kymane Marley (Bob's son)

Geographics of murals

Include: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan (Canada) Seattle, New York, LA, Florida (USA) England (Europe)
Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, Bahamas, St Maarten, Jamaica, Cuba, Cozumel, Cancun (Caribbean) and Costa Rica (Central America)

Archer shares his gifts by allowing the viewer to see exactly what his customer is visualizing and a skill set that enables him to capture and deliver the dreams of his clients.

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Phone: +1 (250) 590-7147

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